De Salitto is a brand with over 20 years of European history and a strong position in the children's retail market.  Founded on the most advanced and modern ideas in children's clothing design, it continues to offer fine and fashionable options to its little customers.  Classic and avant-garde, Italian chic and noble simplicity, style as a way of life - that is De Salitto.

     De Salitto offers its partners an individual approach to mutually beneficial partnerships.  Please feel free to leave your credentials on our website under "Contacts" or simply write to us at  We grow and develop together with our partners.

Annually the De Salitto trademark represents:


Collection Fall/Winter: raincoats and windcheaters, warm jackets and coats, sweaters and jumpers, knitted vests and cardigans, sweatshirts, T-shirts with long and short sleeves, blouses and shirts, trousers, jeans and capri, breeches,skirts and dresses.


Collection Spring/Summer: sport shirts and tops, T-shirts and sweatshirts, tunics and shirts, windcheaters, trousers, breeches, capri, sundresses, dresses, shorts and skirts.


Collection for an active lifestyle: tracksuits, windcheaters, tennis skirts and shorts, casual dresses, various sport shirts and T-shirts.

School collection: blouses and  turtleneck tops, shirts, jackets and blazers, trousers and skirts, breeches and dresses, jumpers and waistcoats.

Collection of evening wear: cocktail and evening dresses, bolero, elegant suits, tunics, skirts and blouses, jackets.

We create children’s collection on the basis of “adult” fashion tendencies. That is why choosing the De Salitto brand, you can be sure that the clothes of your child will be trendy and stylish.

De Salitto presents fashionable color compositions and prints, lacy trimming and embroidery, paillettes and lurex, beads and pastes and other accessories. Our clothes are made of high quality fabrics, natural and high-technology materials.

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