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De Salitto Spring-Summer 2018

View Stefania Pinyagina Spring-Summer collection 2018

Fashion Travel

Premium Italian fashion house De Salitto presents new collections of the season Spring-Summer 2018. The world of fashion got rid of borders. Search for inspiration requires looking much and seeing much. We get into new countries and cities, opening interesting places and beauties of the nature for ourselves.Exciting travelling to the world of childrens' fashion is full of findings and freedom of choice.








BALI WAVE collection

Surfing inspires creation of collections devoted to the sun, beach and waves: easy temper and the spirit of the coastal life. The starting point of the collection became surfing aesthetics accompanied by sunny countries, the force of nature and tropic vegetation. A stylish young man ready to balance on the top of the wave every day.


Sport has long ago become a popular trend in the fashion world. Bright orange color symbolizing a basket ball and deep-blue marine color are the main ingredients of this summer stylish cocktail. The play of contrasts inspired by the NBA.

View Stefania Pinyagina Spring-Summer collection 2018