TM Pinetti

Clothes - an important part of the image, that it forms a first impression of the man, his creativity, individuality and taste. From the beginning of our work in the fashion business, we strive to offer our children a trendy clothing without compromising on quality and practicality. In 1993, our company has launched in the Russian market of children's clothing brand of Italian De Salitto.

For since then, she had grown to love, and to find a buyer in almost kazhdomugolke Russia. Find your own unique style and become experts in adapting European fashion trends in the Russian market, we have created with love and offer you a new brand of clothing for children and teens - Pinetti!
Pinetti - this is the original model of natural fabrics of the highest quality. Interesting and diverse mix of materials, a rich palette of colors and unchanging quality down to the last detail - the distinctive features of the brand Pinetti. Linen, cotton, viscose, a natural lace trim give the model a light, airy and provide wearing comfort.
Pinetti - a fresh look at the kids' fashion, combining simplicity with provincial urban sophistication.

Brand targeted at the age of 1 to 16 years. Price segment "average +", which significantly increases the availability of the brand Pinetti, and will certainly please the Italian fashion connoisseurs and lovers of good style.