Fashion is no child's play!

DeSalitto Fashion House traces its history to 1993, the year DeSalitto children's clothing collectible was registered in Italy.

Helping a child form his or her unique personality is the keystone of DeSalitto's creative philosophy.  With several thousand new  models of clothing and accessories produced each year by DeSalitto's dedicated designers, our young customers are able to create their own  unique image and style with ease.  Our clothes are designed for boys and girls ages 6 months to 15 years and our collections help parents guide their child in identifying personal preferences while choosing fashionable, comfortable clothing.

Trading House DeSalitto  offers its clients two distinct design lines to chose from:  DeSalitto and Pinetti.  Each line has its own unmistakable feel and represents the child's relation to the world.

For DeSalitto, the typical features are authentic Italian chic, focus on detail, complex cut and harmony of both color and form.  These clothes are meant for real princesses and princes, for those who appreciate refinement, good taste and elegance.

Pinetti designs are chosen by those for whom the most important things are freedom, creativity, practicality and comfort.  Our designers skillfully combine new models with the latest trends while focusing on quality and convenience.

We are proud to bring you our new 2015 Spring and Summer Collection, to be presented in early August at the PlayTime New York International Children's Trade Show.

Our offices have opened in Moscow, Kiev, and Beijing and our clients are young ladies and dandies from around the world.  In 2014, DeSalitto will open its first office in New York.

To dream and to see


Stefania brand was created on the Mediterranean Sea shore in Marbella – one of the most beautiful and exciting resorts in the world. Being inspired by genial sunlight in embracement of the warm sea, little Stefania inherited family business from her Russian parents and became the youngest owner of the name brand of children clothes.  Passion, devotion and commitment to development had always been transferred from generation to generation in the Pinyagins family. This tradition induced creation of Stefania premium brand.


The brand is based on the specific family philosophy: Stefania today is a strongly pronounced Spanish temper with modern European frame combined with the unique Russian spirit – it is a passion, emotional sensitivity, embodiment of grace and exclusiveness.


Brand collections are a unique traveling to the magic world of children’s fashion across countries and continents, cultural traditions and technological innovations.


Stefania’s talisman – the Leopard – has been occupying a special position in the world of fashion long ago. Leopard print successfully travels from season to season, closely associating with pret-a-porter collections. On this wave of extraordinary popularity, Stefania brand made turned this exotic print into the trademark of its collections. Indomitable and uncontrolled by fashion leopard became one of the iconic symbol in all brand lines.


Premium brand Stefania is the leader of the high urban fashion for children and teenagers.


Stefania is a new life-long history.