Fashion is not child's play!

De Salitto Fashion House traces its history to 1993, the year De Salitto children's clothing collectible was registered in Italy.

Helping a child form his unique personality is the keystone of De Salitto's creative philosophy. With several hundred new  models of clothing produced each year by De Salitto's dedicated designers, our young customers are able to create their own unique image and style with ease.  Our clothes are designed for boys and girls ages 6 months to 16 years and our collections help parents guide their child in identifying personal preferences while choosing fashionable, comfortable clothing.

Fashion House De Salitto offers its clients two distinct design lines to chose from:  De Salitto and Pinetti.  Each line has its own unmistakable feel and represents the child's relation to the world.

For De Salitto the typical features are authentic Italian chic, focus on detail, complex cut and harmony of both color and form.  These clothes are meant for real princesses and princes, for those who appreciate refinement, good taste and elegance.

Pinetti designs are chosen by those for whom the most important things are freedom, creativity, practicality and comfort.  Our designers skillfully combine new models with the latest trends while focusing on quality and convenience.